PowerPromotion is a commercial event at RAILcph which will take place during the long lunch break.

Up to five companies will get the opportunity to present and promote a specific railway related product, idea or service. It will be possible to bring the product, use a roll-up banner or something else that will help you sell your product, idea or service. The PowerPromotion is not the same as having an exhibition stand, it is more like a short one-man show with an audience. 

The presentation sequence will be drawn randomly and each company will have 10 minutes to present their product, idea or service. A small presentation stage with a microphone will be provided and a moderator will make sure each company stick to the allocated time. The price for participating in the PowerPromotion is DKK 5.000 ex. VAT. This amount includes on conference entry ticket but you are of course more than welcome to sign up more representatives from your organisation here.


Submit the form below to sign up for the PowerPromotion. Only five companies will be allowed to present and will be sold on a First-Come-First-Served basis.